30 kg Boule made from 100% Polar Sapphire pucks.

Our innovative manufacturing process performs purification at a lower temperature with less power.​

Polar Sapphire Ltd. is a manufacturer of high purity aluminum oxide powder (alumina) with a factory located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Our innovative manufacturing process focuses on improving yields and reducing total cost of ownership for our customers.

We combine hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgy to perform purification at a lower temperature and with less power, thereby reducing costs and improving the consistency of our product’s purity.

  • Consistent chemistry
       and reduction of key

  • Improved sapphire
       boule yields and better
       packing density
  • Significant cost
       reduction versus


5N purity alumina from a patent pending process

Our patented technology allows us to offer a product that has better and more consistent purity than our competitors.

Polar Sapphire produces high purity aluminum oxide powder (alumina), from our plant in Ontario, Canada.

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